Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Neymar Will Win Ballon D'Or Within Three Years"

According to the words of Jorge Valdano, the former Real Madrid player and coach, Neymar will win Ballon D’Or trophy.

Barcelona and Argentina player Lionel Messi has been named
the 2015 FIFA Ballon D’or winner ahead of Real Madrid’s Crisetiano Ronaldo and teammate Neymar Junior.
In his interview for Record, Jorge Valdano said: “It was interesting to see him as just an observer at the 2015 Ballon d’Or. Within three years we will see him on the stage lifting the trophy and doing a handstand. Neymar is increasingly dominating every year. The first season he was just a servant of Messi, but in second he turned into his partner and now he has all the liberties because he feels like he’s the best.” 

“He projects the image of someone who is happy and on the pitch he prolongs this state of bliss. His football is enjoyed. It is artistic, because he can join his superior technique with his playful imagination. It is something original, beautiful and effective,” he added.