Monday, September 26, 2016

EdgePlus Solutions & Consulting : A leading ICT Company with a Mission to Solve Core Problems in Business world

Who we are?
Edge Plus Consult is an Information Technology  and Consulting firm based in Lagos providing training and consultancy services in the areas of Web Design and Development, Multimedia Production, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Content Management, Data Management, Customer Relationship Management, SME Promotions, Brand Management, Business Development and Analysis, Market Research and other value added services.

Our Mission
To provide our clients with the latest, most innovative, cost effective and professional business consultancy services aimed at optimizing business operations and performances.
Our Vision
To become a number one household name in the Training and Business Consulting industry both locally and regionally

Why us
Partnering – We build strong relationships with our clients in all targeted markets.
Quality of Service: To ensure our integrity is maintained we employ various monitoring and evaluation tools to helps retain our company’s standard and clients trust
Simplicity: We employ practical and hands-on approach that are easily adaptable to your business need
Accessibility: We are easily accessible and quick to reach
Innovation: We are always developing and seeking new ways to improve existing system
Team Work: Our team are of mult- disciplinary background
Professionalism: We Leverage on our industry knowledge to ensure practical approach in our service delivery
Result oriented: No matter how constrained your budget is our tailored solutions are still impactful
Dynamism: We constantly keep abreast of latest technology and solutions to cope with today’s business need
Affordability: Our services are cost effective and guarantees total reduction in overall operational cost

 Market Research (Product sampling, Competitors analysis)
 Social Media Marketing
 Digital Marketing
 Content Marketing
 Marketing strategy design
 Digital Advertising (Google AdWord, AdSense Facebook and more)
 Product Lunch/activation
 Brand Management
 Tele-Marketing
 Pricing Strategy
 Sales Promotion (Market, Road and School storming)
 Sales Channel development and Management

our contact info:
Email: info@edgeplus.com.ng
Website: www.edgeplus.com.ng
phone no: 08024914202.

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