Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Girl Refuses To Delete Lover's Pictures

Drama played out on Instagram a few days ago when a young man found himself right in the middle of a sticky situation, with a lady who claims he’s her lover.
The lady who goes by the handle @barbie_davina on Instagram, posted different pictures of both of them together, with one captioned as ‘chilling with bae‘. The young man who goes by the name Ifeabunike Nwolisa, @sampala207, went on her page to ask her to take off the pictures.
One of the posts, showing @sampala207 begging asking her to delete his picture
One of the posts, showing @sampala207 begging her to delete his picture
Nwolisa went ahead to comment on the other posts showing his pictures, asking her to delete the pictures from her wall. The man allegedly has a wife or a relationship, and doesn’t want to
be seen as cheating on his spouse, hence the need for his almost ‘desperate’ act.
Another picture of @sampala207 asking @barbie_davina to delete her post
The lady seems to have either refused to delete the pictures, or has chosen to ignore the mans pleas.
“Chilling with bae”
Another picture of Nwolisa
This is part of the reasons why flaunting your relationship on social media could be a bad idea.