Tuesday, January 5, 2016

‘Duro’ singer Tekno releases official statement on messy sex scandal, apologises to Tanzanian fans

Today, Triple MG artiste Tekno published a note on his Instagram page apologising to his Tanzanian fans for the scandal he is currently embroiled in.
Tekno. (Instagram)
Apparently, the ‘Duro’ singer performed at a New Year event in Dar es Salaam where he reportedly had a brief affair with Tanzanian celebrity, Elizabeth Michael (aka Lulu). He posted a selfie with Lulu with the caption, “how do you see it?”, but his east African fans flooded the post with ‘RIP’, indicating that all those who had sexual relations with Lulu mysteriously died.
Lulu has denied being in any relationship with him here.
Tekno and Lulu. (Bongosip)
Tekno and Lulu. (Bongosip)
With Lulu at the club.  (Bongosip)
Meanwhile, Tekno also reportedly spent time with another Tanzanian singer named Gigy, who also shared photos on Instagram, implying that she had sex with him too.
Tekno has apologised to his fans and denied these claims, adding that he only took photos with the women. “I hope this reaches out to my beloved Tanzanians,” he wrote. “#AmSorry.”
tekno apology
Recall that Tekno was linked to Agnes Masogange, the Tanzanian lady based in South Africa, who once hinted that she was pregnant with Davido’s child.
Source: Instagram