Thursday, December 24, 2015

How To Eat Junk Food Without Adding Weight

Don’t we all want to be able to have our favourite junk food without what it will do to our figure?

Eating food laced with so much empty sugar is usually the main culprit for being overweight. But we cannot deny that these food taste so good, it might be difficult to give it up completely. Well, you do not have to.
Here are ways to enjoy your guilty pleasures without worrying about it packing on the KGs
Moderation: The key to everything in life is moderation. Instead of giving up your junk, how about you just eat them in moderation. Eat smaller servings of this bad food and load up on the good stuff (vegetables, fruits, etc.) This way, you enjoy your sugary snack without the adverse effect.
Exercise: The more you eat, the more you will need to exercise to burn the fat the food will cause.  So, if you love your junk food, then make sure you exercise intensely to balance things out. The way to maintain your weight is through physical activities that will help burn all the excess. So, enjoy your cake tonight, but prepare to kick butt at the gym tomorrow.
Cheat day: A lot of people who eat healthy usually give themselves some cheat days. But the cheat days should not be more than the days you eat well. You should be eating healthy 80 percent of the time, and maybe give yourself some days off. For instance, in a week, some people might pick one day (usually a weekend) to eat the bad foods. On this day, they give in to their cravings and have all the sweets they want. But as soon as the day is over, the remaining 6 days, they will diligently eat well and exercise.
Healthier alternative: A lot of snacks and fatty food usually have healthier alternative. We have the ‘low-sugar’ option for coke, the healthier option for milk, and bread made with wheat/oats instead of the fatty flour. So, whatever your favorite junk food is, you can find a healthier alternative that would not do much damage to your figure.
The idea is, if you can incorporate all these tips, you should be able to satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining or working towards a healthier weight.