Thursday, December 24, 2015

FIFA Ex-Vice President Eugenio Figueredo to face trial on corruption scandal in Uruguay

Former FIFA vice president, Eugenio Figueredo, will appear in court in his country Uruguay on Thursday to begin his trial on charges linked to the colossal corruption scandal that has shaken international football. The 83-year-old former president of South American confederation CONMEBOL, was arrested alongside seven other top football officials after a Zurich luxury hotel was raided in May. The arrest kicked off an unexpected crisis at FIFA.
Eugenio Figueredo
Figueredo was indicted in the United States on charges of soliciting multi-million-dollar bribes from sports marketing firms. He has been extradited by Switzerland and will arrive in Uruguay on Thursday to begin his prosecution.
If found guilty of the charges against him, Figueredo will face up to 15 years in prison. Just days ago, FIFA President Sepp Blatter and UEFA boss Michel Platini received an 8-year ban following allegations of corruption and illegal transactions.
Source: Yahoo