Thursday, December 24, 2015

What To Do When Someone Breaks Your Heart

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you get rejected by someone you love. Usually, rejection itself is a terrible thing, but when it comes from someone you love, then it could be downright depressing.

Some people even find themselves battling suicidal thoughts and for others, such rejection might cause other aspects of their life, such as their job/school, family, etc to suffer. Understanding how to deal with such blow will help you survive and come out stronger on the other side.
It is okay to grieve: Do not listen to anyone who just tells you to ‘get
over it.’ Experts have likened the pain of rejection to the pain you feel when a loved one dies. So, if you are allowed to mourn death, you are allowed to mourn the death of your relationship. It is the death of all the hopes and dreams you had. When you were with them, you made plans and imagined a future. It is okay to grieve the loss of these.
Avoid unhealthy distraction: It can be so tempting to dive into other things like alcohol or sex with random people to deal with the pain. It will distract you for a while, but one of two things will happen. You will either get addicted to that distraction which will probably ruin your life, or you will one day come out of it and feel the pain you are running from – only you will feel it even worse. Accept that the pain will come and let it. The only way to get over it is to get through it.
Avoid insecurity: When people get rejected, they immediately start wondering if there is something wrong with them. They begin to doubt themselves and some even go as far as believing they will never be wanted by anyone. Do not wallow in this insecurity. Remember that, just because that particular person does not want you, does not mean no one else will. It only means that person is not right for you.
It will get better: Although it seems like the end of the world, it will get better someday. You will get over the pain. You will, one day, look back and understand that this happened for a reason. And if you deal with things reasonably and responsibly, you will, one day, meet someone so perfect for you, and you will be so happy that the person who broke your heart will be old news. Hang in there.