Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chelsea 3 – 1 Sunderland: Blues fans boo their own club for betraying Jose Mourinho

Yesterday, Chelsea won their first game after four league matches, but for the strangest reason their fans, who should have celebrated the win, booed the club because it had ‘betrayed’ Jose Mourinho.
It was absolutely a mutiny which started right after Ivanovic scored the first goal in 5minutes, displaying a surprising confidence and bravado as he played a key role in the build-up to Pedro’s 13th minute goal. At the 50th minute, Oscar made it a clean 3-0 with a penalty kick against the visitors.
T many of the fans, it seemed that the team had planned to get Mourinho sacked because of the sudden display of professionalism – verve and vigour.
(Guardian UK)
You let José down. You let us down,” one the banners waved by a fan said, affirming Mourinho’s words last week when they lost to Leicester City that the team “betrayed” him. The chants of the Portuguese name rent the air yesterday after the third goal, and it did destabilise the team who went on defence from then on, creating space for Sunderland to net their first goal. 
Though the team have a good reason to celebrate Christmas, they have tough job ahead; winning their fans back.
SOurce: Guardian UK