Monday, January 18, 2016

Wait..what? Director Adam McKay and Christian Bale make out at the Critic’s Choice Awards!

It was a Kiss Fest at the just concluded 2016 Critics Choice Awards!
‘Batman’ actor Christian Bale won the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actor in a Comedy for his role in the movie, ‘The Big Short’. But before the actor went to get his plaque, he turned around and kissed his wife of 15 years Sibi Blazic, and then surprisingly, also turned around to kiss his director, Adam McKay, on the lips!
Christian Bale kisses his wife. (Daily Mail)
Christian Bale kisses his wife. (Daily Mail)
And that wasn’t all!
After ‘The Big Short’ was announced the winner of the Best Comedy category, the cast took to the stage and shockingly, Adam McKay grabbed Bale’s face again and returned the kiss!
critic choice award
Adam Mckay returns the favour. (Daily Mail)
While the audience were still gasping at the unabashed show of love, the screenwriter, Charles Randolph, moved in for his own share:
Charles Randolph wants a share, too! (Daily Mail)
Now, that’s a lot for one night – don’t you think?
Source: Daily Mail