Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tyga admits to messaging 14-year old model, claims he only wanted to sign her to his label

We reported earlier that a 14-year old aspiring model named Molly O’ Malia came forward to claim that rapper Tyga sent her unwanted messages online. She made this revelation after she was accused of having sexual relations with him by OK! magazine.
Tyga, who is dating reality TV star Kyliie Jenner, has finally responded to the allegations. The 26-year old admits he did send messages to the young model online, but claims it was strictly to talk business.
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According to Tyga’s manager Anthony Martini, his team had contacted O’Malia online after they had noticed she had a pretty strong passion for music. Tyga and his team believed she would make a good candidate for an upcoming project by his record label, Last Kings Records.
His manager stated that the correspondence between both parties showed Tyga specifically asking O’Malia to send him some music and nothing more. He also added that things never got “uncomfortable” as she had claimed and he only wanted to FaceTime with her to see her sing as he sat in the studio with his producers.
Molly O'Malia. (People)
Molly O’Malia. (People)
Tyga also claims his messages to O’Malia were strictly professional and completely above board. Also, the message thread reportedly obtained by gossip site TMZ shows Molly mentioning she was 17 and not 14 years old.
The only evidence in this he-said, she-said saga are the messages exchanged by O’Malia and Tyga. Instagram has reportedly been contacted to produce the chat.
Source: TMZ