Friday, January 22, 2016

THIS IS SO SO STRANGE: Baby Moving In Pregnant's Mother Belly Freaks People Out (VIDEO)

A video of an unborn baby stretching and wriggling inside the mother’s womb left thousands of viewers around the world open-mouthed.
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The unnamed French woman shared the video of her baby trying to say hello from the other side of her body on YouTube and it’s pretty creepy. The footage shows a heavily pregnant woman lying still on her back as her stomach is stretched to extremes by the moving foetus.
The unnamed French woman, who shared the video on YouTube
Trying to encourage more movement the woman massages her belly and the baby reacts by pushing back at his mom with what looks like it could be the baby’s arm or foot. The clip has already been viewed more than 140,000 times and counting.

At one point, the mother gently presses her rippling bump
Reacting to the comments claiming the video was fake the expectant mother insisted: “Yes it was real. I didn’t think he would do this when I filmed it. But it doesn’t hurt at all.”
Some commenters questioned whether the footage was even real
The viral footage caused a storm of reactions online, with the majority of viewers comparing the baby with an alien. One of them wrote:“There’s nothing beautiful about this to me. I’m freaking out! It’s like an alien in there.”

Viewers dubbed the baby an alien
Another added: “I can’t believe that you had so much amniotic fluid that we can see clearly like that. Shocked, I know that we can often see waves or the bumps but at this point here I am shocked.”
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Experts say that fetal movement varies between pregnancies. Usually, pregnant women begin to feel the baby moving after about 16 weeks, although this can be as late as 25 weeks. The babies are most active from 9am to 2 pm and again from 7pm to 4am.


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