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BRAVO TO THE 5 Distinguished Women Who Have Stood Out In History

The qualities that make the 5 distinguished  in the history of the world stand out are what everyone should try to discover. These women came to the world when they were needed most and changed so much to make the world and life better to live with their exceptional unblemished behaviour and the supportive role they play in the lives of men.
 and from historical facts, some women weathered the storm in order to obey their Creator despite all odds. While some of these women were killed because of their belief in , others were fortunate to eat the fruits of their labour with their husband.
One important thing to note about these unique women is that all these 5 distinguished women were guaranteed Paradise even before their demise.

It is not an excuse for any woman regardless of the present day-to-day world challenges not to live a life of piety. This is because  emphasised the rewards a pious woman stands to get as long as she obeys her Lord.

1. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

Khadijah was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). She used to be the boss of the  before she proposed marriage to him. She was the richest woman in the city of Makkah, now in present day Saudi Arabia during her time. She was about 15 years older than his husband when they got married. She submitted herself totally to Prophet Muhammad when they got married and handed all her wealth and properties to him. All these showed the uniqueness of Khadijah.
Khadijah stood with her husband during the good and the not too good times. She was more than one in a million woman. She was one of the women that was confirmed by Prophet Muhammad to enter paradise on the day of judgement.
When Prophet Muhammad faced severe persecution from the people of Makkah due to the message of Islam, Khadijah stood by him and never deserted him.

2. Maryam umu Eesa

Maryam was the mother of Nabiyy Eesa (that is Jesus Christ). She was a chaste woman. Almighty Allah mentioned her in many verses of the . One of such verses is Chapter 66 verse 12 about how chaste she was as a woman. Allah also said she believed in all the words of her Lord.
She conceived Nabiyy Eesa after Allah sent Angel Jibril (Gabriel) to breathe the holy spirit from Allah into her. In Chapter 19 of the Qur’an, what happened when she gave birth to Nabiyy Eesa was explicitly reported. She was vindicated after she was initially accused of fornication by the people. The things said by her baby who is Nabiyy Eesa absolved her of any wrong doing.

3. Fatimah bint Muhammad

Fatimah was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. Her father was very fond of her. She dedicated all her life to the worship of Allah. She never deviated at all from doing good deeds. She never misbehaved despite the privilege of being the daughter of the Messenger of Allah. One of the interesting things about her life was that she died barely 6 months after her father’s death.

4. Aasiyah imratu Fir’aun

Aasiyah’s life story was one of the most interesting and that with so much challenges. She was a pious woman that was however unfortunate to be married to a tyrant in the person of Fir’aun (that is Pharoah). She gave her life in defending what she believed in which was the true message of Islam brought by Prophet Musa (Moses). She was the one who saved the life of Prophet Musa when he was a baby and was about to be slaughtered by Fir’aun.
She was inhumanely killed by her husband after she showed her belief in the oneness of Allah. The reward she got was her demanding a house in Paradise according to Chapter 66 verse 11 in which she was granted instantly.

5. Aisha bint Abi Bakr

Aisha was the second wife of Prophet Muhammad. She was the youngest of all the wives of the Messenger of Allah. She is still one of the most knowledgeable women in the history of Islam up to the present moment. Due to her brilliancy, men used come to her to seek knowledge about the religion of Islam. The Prophet even died in her room to show the extent of the love the Messenger of Allah had for her.
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