Monday, January 4, 2016

Talkless Cow: Uche Ogbodo Under Fire From Fans

Actress Uche Ogbodo
Uche Ogbodo who took to her Instagram page on Sunday, January 3, posted a facial picture of herself showing off her nose ring with the caption: “this Young Lady is Grown up… I can see no evil, see ya later! #Goodmorning off to @iamsuagrchika Nuptial, bless u girl.”
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This post took the social media by storm as a fan comes out to call her “Ugly” and she fires back at the lady saying: “fuck you! Stupid ass ugly sad bitch …… U know u got low self-esteem, u ain’t qualified! Stand behind @esther_charlyns.”
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Not only did Uche Ogbodo come out for this lady but she got the support of others while many other fans insulted her saying: “dis 1 wey u resemble cow wey dem forget inside bush, if dem like make Mallam put u for OLX I no go buy u as a cow talkless babe wey b like say u dey suffer, must u follow d trend on nosering? U look dos pipu Nose n Look ur own nih ……Bikooo hide ur 10yards lips n ya Nose wey b bicycle sit own……#oyablockme #amfinerdanu #oyareplymakeuchopknock.”
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In reply to their social media ranting, Uche Ogbodo posted a picture of her at the wedding showing off a huge part of her cleavage with the caption:
At this very Moment, I am king And I will take my crown to the Grave! Fuck your Opinion! An Ex-taught me never to use the word #Fuck but you know what? Fuck Him too! I am too good for you. My Dad told me, not everyone will like me, Likers are gonna like, Haters are gonna hate! But Fuck you too Haters! I’ve got my life to live. Done playing by your godforsaken rules.”
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