Monday, January 18, 2016

Shocking video: Enraged woman beats up husband’s mistress, throws her off a bridge

The saying ‘hell hath no fury like a scorned woman’ played out yet again in Brazil where a woman was captured on camera, violently attacking her husband’s alleged mistress.
The clip which was shared by Liveleak, shows the woman, who is many times bigger than her opponent, grabbing the mistress by the hair and repeatedly hitting her. The smaller woman could not fight back but tried in vain to pry herself from the older woman’s grip, while her assailant pulled her down the road by her hair.
Mistress beaten up by enraged wife in Brazil
Shockingly, another woman appeared only to help bundle the mistress and toss her over the bridge. Mirror UK reports that it is unclear if the woman was hurt after the long fall into the shallow water below, but no arrest has been made yet.
You can watch the very graphic video here
Source: Mirror UK, Youtube