Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MIRACLE COUPLE Gets Quadruplets After 8 Years

When Mr and Mrs Ololade Samson Olusola were getting married in 2007, little did they know they were going to wait for 8 years to get their bundles of joy.
Talking to Nigerian Tribune, the father of the new quadruplets said: “We got married on March 10, 2007. I am a civil servant and so also is my wife. We never expected that we would wait this long to have children. We tried all we could both medically and spiritually. It is disturbing that here in Africa, a marriage that does not produce children is seen as unsuccessful.
The couple with their bundles of joy
“After the first few years without any child, people said all kinds of things. But my wife was very resolute that God would take charge of our situation. We kept taking the different
medications that we were given. The year 2015 became significant because that was the year that my wife got pregnant. When we went for the scan and were told that she was carrying four babies, I was shocked. But there was nothing that I could do but to pray that my wife and children are fine after the delivery. I was advised that considering the number of babies to be expected, it would be safe to register for ante-natal treatment at OSUTH. We were told by the doctors that it was possible that just two or three could survive. But we prayed that none of them would die.
“When the babies came in November last year, we knew that the implication of their birth would be financial. Whatever we buy must be in fourfold. I can’t query God for this. But we need all the financial support that we can get in raising the children.”
“Friends, family members have been tremendous in assisting us. We understand that things are difficult but we are very grateful for what people have been giving us. We do realize that the entire world is going through economic recession but people have been wonderful to us. We are grateful to the Methodist Church in Nigeria. We are grateful to Winners Church. They have assisted us in no great measure. We are also grateful to Obafemi Owode Local Government Area in Ogun State for helping us. The health sector there also sent us money. Even the health sector in Ikenne Local Government Area also assisted us in no small measure.”
“We couldn’t go public at the initial stage when the children were born because my wife was re-admitted at the hospital for about a month because she needed to get well properly. But she is well now which is why we decided to make the birth of the children public and ask for help. They were born on November 6, 2015. We want people to come and assist us in the area of the children’s education and in their upkeep. The firstborn is Ifeoluwa, the second is Oluwapemisire, the third is Anuoluwa and the fourth is Temiotan. They were all born on the same day through a C-section. They are two boys and two girls. The first is a girl; the second a boy; the third is a girl and the last is a boy. ”
The parents of the children can be reached on 08034017425, 08058869237 or 08028211694.