Friday, January 22, 2016

lessons to learn : Nigerians React To The Spread Of Lassa Fever (VIDEO)

Mixed reactions have continued to the trail the recent warning by medical practitioners that Nigerians should avoid the intake of soaked garri over the recent outbreak of the Lassa fever virus.

Soaked garri, the fastest food generally consumed by most Nigerians.
Despite campaigns on various media platforms on the outbreak of the Lassa fever in Nigeria, some residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja who spoke with  claimed being ignorant of the disease.
Blessing Favour said she had heard about Lassa fever but she has little knowledge of the disease.
“Is it like a children sickness or what? I do not like sickness so i try to prevent myself from anything that would get me sick,” she added.
Blessing Favour thinks only children stand the risk of being infected with Lassa fever virus.

A resident, Josephine Oragwa who said she had not taken garri for a while now noted that she heard about the Lassa fever about fiften years ago when a medical practitioner died of the disease in Aba, Abia state.
Josephine Oragwa believes using hot water to prepare garri would kill the virus
She said: “I heard about Lassa fever about fifteen years ago in Aba. Then a medical doctor named Divine Grace died of the disease. That was when I heard about the disease and how dangerous it can be.”
“Well I take garri once in a while but I know that if you use hot water to make the garri, it will kill the disease. Because of that, I gave myself a break from taking garri,” she added.
Joseph Edeh, a cab driver in Abuja still does know the kind of rat that spread the disease

A marketer, Helen Olarinwaju said she takes garri but maintained that she could not get infected with the lassa fever virus because she buys the product “directly from the producers.”
“We dont have rats in the house but I see them within my compound. I love drinking garri. We buy garri directly from the producers and when I take the garri we buy, i am confident that there is nothing like rat eating from it or Lassa fever.”
Watch exclusive video from  here:
Sunday Ogbudu wonders what should happen to the garri he bought before the outbreak of the Lassa fever disease?
Asked on some of the measures they are taking to prevent themselves from being infected with the virus, a self employed young lady who gave her name as Jennifer Usman said: “I noticed one rat in my house yesterday and i was terribly scared, I bought a rat poison which i will use to kill the rat. I drink garri very well. I read that I could get infected from taking garri so i will just give it a break for some time.”
Jennifer Usman loves to drink garri
The minister of health, Isaac Adewole had on on Wednesday, January 14,
credit: naij.com
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