Friday, January 8, 2016

Jesus Christ Spotted In Pregnant Woman's Ultrasound

Meet a new mother who believes an ultrasound of her unborn baby daughter showed the face of Jesus Christ in Cordoba, Argentine.
Franny experienced several miscarriages before being able to conceive and bear her baby daughter Alfonsia.
And she believes that this became possible after she had dreamed of Jesus Christ while being pregnant.
The woman explained that she had seen the sacred heart of Jesus in her dream just a day before the divine image appeared on the scan.
The photo, which shows a facelike shadow below the baby, has since been shared on social media where it has attracted some contradictary reactions

She said: “I will never lose faith. I put all my trust in God, who throughout the pregnancy gave me various signs. The 6 month scan was pretty strange because that day I had not planned to have an ultrasound. 
The woman has only been identified by her first name Fanny, gave birth to her daughter Alfonsia on the 21st September in the northern city of Cordoba
One of the students doctor told me: “I like this photo of his little foot, I am gong to print off a copy as a present for you. When we got home I realised that you can clearly see the face of Christ in the photo. This is when I knew without a doubt that he had not abandoned us.”

The unusual photograph, which shows a shadowy figure resembling Jesus Christ with the beard and long hair, has since been shared on social media attracting lots of contradictary reactions. Recently, .

Those silhouettes are belived to be examples of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon when people interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadows as images of animals, faces, or other objects. Many involve , the , or .