Friday, January 8, 2016

I Was Never In Rehab - Majek Fashek

The Nigerian reggae icon Majek Fashek on December 8 made a shocking revelation on his rehabilitation program at a drug centre in Abuja.
Majek fashek during his stint in rehab.
The formerly embattled star said he was never taken to
a rehabilitation centre for treatment for his drug and alcohol abuse as reported in the media; rather, he said, he went into seclusion.
On Your View, a breakfast talk show on TVC, Majek said: “It was wrong to say I was taken to a rehab. I only went into seclusion for spiritual rebirth.” 
The Rainmaker, as he is fondly called, said he was working on music projects that would challenge the dominant contemporary hip-hop music of today.
A file photo of Majek Fashek prior to rehab.
In August 2015, Majek Fashek was placed in a rehab centre, thanks to friends and fans who were moved by a picture of the superstar circulated on the internet around that time. According to the original poster of the picture, Majek was roaming Surulere begging for money to buy ogogoro.

Soon after the story went viral, some fans came together to set up a fund for him. However, his care and treatment was taken up by billionaire Ayiri Emami.
Majek Fashek and a fan while in rehab.
Fashek stayed at the Synapse Services Centre, an Abuja rehabilitation clinic, where he was visited by colleagues from the music industry including former PMAN president Tony Okoroji and Charlie Boy.
He was released in October and almost immediately had  in Lagos.
Check out his first stage performance after rehabilitation at Felabration 2015: