Sunday, January 17, 2016

Botched suicide: Nigerian man climbs up a high voltage electricity tower, hangs on for three hours

At Powerline Street, Calvary Bus Stop in Lagos, a yet-to-be identified man climbed to the of an electricity transmission tower and hung to the railings for three hours before he was convinced to get down, Punch reports.

Tragedy averted after unidentified man climbed up an electricity tower. (PUNCH)
Witnesses at the scene said the man, who did not seem mentally challenged, walked to the foot of the tower, untied the totems vigilante group had installed to wade people off, and then began the long climb. He refused to heed to people’s warning.
“He was not mad at all,” a witness, Kazeem Oyebola, told PUNCH. “He was coherent when he talked except for some vague statements he made. He had a mission and it was to kill himself for some unknown reasons.” Another witness said the man, who looked to be in his thirties, either wanted ‘cheap publicity’, or intended to “carry out a diabolical assignment particularly as he wore red knickers.”
After much exchange with the crowd that had gathered, he finally got down and was arrested by the officers of the Idimu Police Divisional Headquarters.
Source: PUNCH