Monday, January 11, 2016

Bizarre homicide: Kenyan man sets wife, son and self on fire

The Nyamache Sub-County in Kisii County in Kenya recently witnessed the death of a family – a man, wife and their one-year-old son, Daily Nation reports.
The late Abraham Moseti, his wife Alice Okemwa, and their son had been living in Nairobi before traveling to the village to get blessings from the woman’s family. But it all turned sour after her family rejected the marriage on grounds that it was a taboo – the man and woman, reportedly, were related by blood.
The community map. (Daily Motion)
The night after the visit to Okemwa’s home, at past nine, Moseti broke into Okemwa’s room where she was asleep on a bed with their son, doused them with petrol and lit the match. He also set himself on fire.
Neighbours who heard the screams confirmed to Daily Nation that they heard the man fighting with his wife as their home burned. They however couldn’t break into the home due to the intensity of the fire, and they heard the man saying he wanted to burn with his family.
Their son died instantly. The 24-year-old Okemwa passed on at the Kenyatta National Hospital, while Moseti died on his way to the hospital.
Okenwa’s family explained to the press that they rejected the marriage because the late couple were related, that the “Omokiama and Omometobo clans never intermarry. It is a taboo.”
Source: Daily Nation