Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SEE HOW Young Woman WAS Forced To Swallow Condoms At Police Station (VIDEO)

This is the shocking moment a young woman being forced to eat condoms by police officers in Boroko, Port Morseby Papua New Guinea.
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The disturbing video shows a woman, who is scolded for carrying contraceptives with her and is forced to swallow them, while police officers are watching.
The young woman can be seen sitting at the desk with wrapped condoms on the desk in front of her while a male voice can be heard barking at her
The clip starts with the officer slamming the table with his hands to intimidate the detained woman, who is seen sitting on the
chair and afraid to move. The woman shudders with horror and quickly puts the condom into her mouth, shivering and crying throughout the degrading process.
The unidentified woman is allegedly threatened with jail by a police officer if she doesn’t swallow the condoms
She wipes tears away from her eyes trying to calm down and gulp the latex contraceptive down. Then the terrified victim is forced to open her mouth wide to show that she has swallowed all the condoms.
The devastated young woman wipes at her eyes and cries while she is allegedly forced to eat condoms
The abuse that was captured on camera sparked an eruption of outrage online, with people demading to hunt down and punish those responsible for the disgusting act. The nation’s police comissioner has already ordered an immediate investigation, promising to identify police officers involved.
The police officer forces the woman to open her mouth to prove she completely swallowed the latex condom
Watch video:
After the video surfaced online the Internet users bursted with anger and criticsm. One of them wrote: “This is beyond human comprehension!!!! To swallow a piece of plastic which cannot be processed by the digestive system is extremely dangerous and can lead to major health issues for this young woman. This must be investigated and the policemen dealt with accordingly.”