Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SEE 10 Household Items That Can Be Used As Sex Toys

You think you have to go all the way to a sex shop to buy toys in order to enjoy a good sex life? You might want to read this!
Black couple in bed (File photo)
There are numerous sex toys in your home that you didn’t think about. Has the thoughts of visiting a sex shop or sex site crossed
your mind and you have discarded it because being seen as a pervert? You need not to worry anymore! Here are 12 household items that turn around your sex life as they are unsuspecting sex toys. According to India Times, below are some household items:
If the only thing you use the bedroom mirror for is to check out your face before rushing to work, then it’s being underused. Let it bring out the exhibitionist in you. Don’t forget to watch each other’s expressions and enjoy the view.
Ice cube
All that ice cube sitting in the freezer is good for more than mixing drinks. It can sizzle up your foreplay ritual faster than a store-bought toy.
With pillows in lovemaking, it’s all about positioning them right to derive maximum pleasure.
Necktie and stockings
The shot of Mrs Robinson (Fifty Shades of Grey) slowly peeling off her stockings is proof enough of how a pair of these can transform any woman into a seductress du jour. Slip into your sexiest lingerie and make the man wear his necktie while getting naughty.
With pillows in lovemaking, it’s all about positioning them right to derive maximum pleasure.
Those bright wigs sitting on your dressing table have a big role to play. You can be a different person every time you put one on. Approach him as if you were someone else — change your name and personality. Sexy punk rocker with pink hair or wicked librarian in geeky glasses, choice is yours!
Kitchen counter
From the counter to the stovetop, taking lovemaking to the kitchen will let you have both your meals at the same time, or rather dinner and dessert. Getting kinky in the kitchen is a no-brainer. Use the dining table as your working area, raid the chocolate sauce from the fridge to make a dessert.
Washing machine
Incorporating the washing machine in your lovemaking is like a good roll in the hay. Put it on spin cycle mode and hop on it.
Cell phone
That old cellular phone tagline — reach out and touch someone — rings true here! This is one call you’ll be rewarded for not taking — when you put your phone on vibrate and ask your partner to call you. There’s even an app to control your mobile phone’s vibrations.
Electric toothbrush
Nifty electric brushes are designed to get to hard-to-reach places and yet be gentle. Use the brushless side or the bristles… and indulge in foreplay.
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