Monday, December 28, 2015

Is it a sin for a Man of God to wear ripped jeans? See the drama between Bishop TD Jakes and his followers!

How often do you see a Bishop responding to people who criticise even the most inane things, like an outfit? While our celebrities have time for critics, Bishop TD Jakes has proven that anointed or not, you should put some people in their place when they step out of line.
TD Jakes. (Facebook)
Moments ago on Instagram, the famous American pastor shared a photo of himself wearing the trendy ripped jeans.
TD Jakes. (Instagram)
TD Jakes. (Instagram)
While many of his followers thought he looked cute in those denims, an oversabi went all out to give a sermon on why the Bishop should not have worn ripped jeans. But TD Jakes had the best response to the attack, plus he educated his followers on why they should stop critising people for what they wear.
See how it all went down:
2015-12-28 06.27.06
2015-12-28 06.25.59
And then he educated this follower who attempted to use Bible verses to corroborate his claim that the Bishop was following ‘worldly trends.’
2015-12-28 07.26.32
2015-12-28 06.23.47
2015-12-28 07.33.58 2015-12-28 07.34.27
Meanwhile, the Bishop explained to concerned folks why he had to reply the criticism:
2015-12-28 07.32.21
What do you think?
Source: Instagram