Monday, December 28, 2015

Betrayal? Swanky Jerry hangs out with Caroline Danjuma’s arch-enemy – her husband’s alleged mistress!

Swanky Jerry may have broken the BFF rule by spending time with his bestie Caroline Danjuma’s arch-rivals, the Matharoo sisters – Kiran and Jyoti, one of whom is rumoured to be dating Caroline’s husband, Musa Danjuma.
swanky jerry
Swanky Jerry at #OLIC2. (Instagram)
This December, Caroline Danjuma got in a very messy Instagram fight with Jyoti Matharoo and the old wounds were opened again. And so, it came as a surprise when we spotted her good friend, the celebrity stylist Swanky Jerry, partying with the Matharoo sisters last night.
The Matharoo sisters – Jyoti and Kiran. (SDK)
Jyoti Matharoo snapchatted the experience and in the clip, the celebrity stylist was captured in an intimate dance with Kiran Matharoo.
See the photos:
Jyoti Matharoo. (Snapchat)
Swanky Jerry lounging at a corner with the Matharoo sisters. (Snapchat)
Jyoti Matharoo, Swanky Jerry. (Snapchat)
Kiran Matharoo dances. (Snapchat)
Kiran dances with Jerry. (Snapchat)
Jyoti, Jerry and Kiran. (Snapchat)
Why do we think Swanky Jerry and Caroline Danjuma are besties? Well, they showed how close they really are when Caro’s booty made a debut appearance on his Instagram page weeks ago. Plus, the duo have been spotted attending events together.
What do you think – did he cross the line, or is the feud not his cup of tea?
Source: Snapcat