Monday, December 21, 2015

Burna Boy Writes Touching Message For Late Fan

Dancehall star Burna Boy is currently aggrieved over what he has termed a big loss. The Like To Party singer took to instagram on Sunday, December 20 and shared a touching post in which he apologized for not being there enough for his true fans, especially for late Anita Chekwas whom he called his ‘biggest fan’.
Burna Boy’s late fan Anita Chekwas who reportedly died at the age of 18 on December 17, 2015.
According to several unconfirmed reports from a lady who claims to be cousins with the deceased, she went to bed and never woke up again.
She was getting set to host a Christmas party at her apartment in Ajao Estate, Lagos before her untimely death.
Burna Boy’s message to her was really emotional. He praised her for having his back since he started his career, even as he admitted not doing enough by showing her love while she was alive.
Read his full post below:
I’ve lost my biggest fan Anita Chekwas and honestly I’ve seen the worst things there are to see in this world and I’ve endured the worst type of pains in my lifetime but NEVER in my life have I felt more of a failure than I feel today.
“This girl has had my back since I started this career and as much as I appreciate her and everyone like her, I have not done a very good job showing it and making them feel the true love I have for them.
“Here I find myself wishing that I could have reached out somehow, I should have followed her on every social media platform, I should have given her shout outs or even gifts on her birthday, I should have been there for her as she has always bin there for me, who knows if that could have made things different or at least made her that much Happier.
“I know her beautiful soul is up there with my brother Gambo watching over me. I apologize to every fan That Has ever felt unappreciated and every true fan that I haven’t been able to find or reach out to and From now on I will do everything I can to make my true Fans and supporters feel as Loved and appreciated as I truly feel for them from the depths of my soul. #RIP Anita.”