Saturday, May 2, 2015

'UK's last mail coach' to be recreated


Kingussie to Roy Bridge mail coach
The historic Kingussie to Tulloch Station mail coach
The 100th anniversary of what is believed to be the last horse-drawn mail coach journey in the UK is to be recreated next month.
The service ran between Kingussie and Tulloch Station near Roy Bridge until May 1915 when it was replaced by motorised transport.
Mail Coach 100, a fundraising event, will follow the same route.
It will involve four teams of horses and be completed in four stages from 3-4 June.
The event involving Cairngorm Riding for the Disabled Association will feature the last coachman's pistol, which is kept in Newtonmore.
The organisers of Mail Coach 100 said they believed the original service was possibly the last in UK.