Monday, July 4, 2016

FREE MICROSOFT EXCEL TRAINING- This Month: powered by Dmegy'sblog

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Hello people, this is to announce to all persons that uses Microsoft excel as their working tools that there is going to be a training section totally Free of charge

I mean Free !!!

Topics to treated :

First section ( beginners)
1: sheet basic
2: working with cell
3: formatting
4: printing techniques

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Second section ( intermediate)
1:- database  rules / terms
2:auto fill
3:- subtotal
4 data  validation
5:- drop down lists
6:conditional formation
7: comment
8: hyperlink features.
9: formula and functions 

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Third section ( professionals)
1: dashboard
2: pivot table
3: chats and sparkline
4: errors
5: data security

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You can only attend ONE out of the three sections

Book your section by sending SMS
(e.g, 1( intermediate)) to 08151389493. Sms only.

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Date: Sat 27th of August 2016

Venue: Atlantic Building; 26a Balikisu Street Off Unilag Road Akoka Yaba Lagos 
Tme: first section 9am to 12pm
         second section: 12;30pm to 3;30pm
         third section 4pm to 6pm
                                                    Note: No African time.
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