Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We Hail YOU : a song inspired with a heart of worship - by kakaki4Christ (Seun Oyetunji)

kakaki4Christ (Seun Oyetunji)

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“We hail YOU” is a song inspired and recorded with a heart of worship. The aim is primarily to hail the king of Glory, in whom there is no season. He lives in timelessness, He is eternal. His understanding is unsearchable.  We don’t hail national economy whether good or poor, we hail Him whose resources are inexhaustible. In the time of famine we hail Him and in the time of plenty we hail God. He does His works so that men may fear Him. Why magnifying that sickness because of the name the doctors called it? Hail the Great Physician today, and the Spirit of God will give life to your mortal body. There is power in the name of JESUS, that is the only name to hail.

kakaki4Christ (Seun Oyetunji)

Lyrics: We Hail YOU by kakaki4Christ (Seun Oyetunji)


We hail You
We honour You Lord
Yes we hail You…Most High


We hail You,
We honour You
We hail You, Most High
We hail You
We worship You
We hail You
Most High.

[Lead Adlib]

Comon! Hail King of Glory
We hail Master Jesus
We hail You Lord
We hail You Most High
We hail You Lord God
We bow before You
 We hail You, Most High.

[Trumpet solo]

[chorus repeated]

You are Alade wura
Atobajaye mi o,
Chairman mi o.
Thank You Jesus.

Call: We hail You (response) we hail You
Call: We bless You (response) we hail You
Call: We honour You (response) honour You
Call: We hail You Lord (response) we worship You.

Call: We hail You (response) we hail You
Call: We bless You God (response) we hail You
Call: Honour You (response) honour You
Call: we bow before You (response) we worship You.

(Chorus repeated).

 We hail you most high.

kakaki4Christ (Seun Oyetunji)

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