Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wife Caught Having Sex With Husband's Friend (video)

This is probably the worst husband’s nightmare, as a man comes home only to find own wife with his friend romping naked in bed.
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This is the moment a husband stumbles upon his spouse and friend having fun at their family house. But rather than flying into a rage the man calmly asks for divorce, while filming his bizarre conversation with the traitors on a mobile phone camera.
The man films himself as he opens the door to his apartment
The footage starts with the unnamed man inserting his key abruptly into the keyhole, pushing the door and switches on the light to find his naked wife and her lover on a sofa. The man is heard saying:
The pair are seen sitting on the sofa completely naked
“Is that…? Is that Jason? Hey bro how you doing man? Alright, so you with my wife. That’s my wife right there. That’s my wife. I don’t know what you digging for, but that’s my wife right there. I want a divorce, okay. Will you give me a divorce. Will you give me a divorce, please? Please give me a divorce, I don’t want to deal with this any more, okay.
I’ll turn the camera off. Alright, here’s the key. I’m done. I’m done with you. I love my daughter that’s the only thing that’s important to me, okay. I have no beef between me and you any more. And Jason I know you’re a good man, it’s all good man. This is not going to be seen by anyone except the judge so you’ve not got to worry about nothing. I’m sorry for disturbing you, have a nice day.”
The man leaves his key on the kitchen counter as he asks his wife for a divorce
It’s still unclear where or when the incident took place or who leaked the video online but it was shared on YouTube on January 3 and has since been viewed more than 70,000 times.
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