Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why it’s So Difficult Having A Best-friend That Is A Boy

It is believed that there could be no friendship between a boy and a girl. While many people fault this saying and make claims substantiated with various citing and quotations, there seems to be an atom of truth in that saying.

Many teenagers grow hearing that line as it is being used to warn them off boys; various experiences on their paths to adulthood
however bring out the contextual meaning of that saying. There would always be chemistry between boys and girls. This is usually proved when a boy and a girl relate over a long period of time and become fond of each other.  Lines are crossed and limits become nothing.
Find below some reasons why it is so difficult having a best-friend that is a boy

Feelings Set In
When a boy and a girl decide to become best friends, they often get more than they bargained for. Being in each other’s company most times have the ability to stir various cells of emotions within them. They become extremely used to each other and become comfortable in that zone. They start to nurse feelings towards each other and in most cases live in denial as each of them isn’t sure if the other feels the same way. And asking to be sure would be really absurd.
Become Protective or Jealous
Best friends of opposite sex who have feelings for each other may become jealous when they see other people try getting close to either of them. In extreme cases, some are obsessed and would do anything to scare off girls or boys who may be making the attention they receive normally from their best friend to reduce.  When this becomes an issue and a party voices out, the jealous ones often hide under the shield of being protective over their partners.
Romantic Ties
Most times, having a best-friend that is a boy could be straining on the girls as they aren’t sure if they should give in to the feelings they have for the best friend boys or they should ignore the throbbing of their heart. Having to express their feelings to the boys first may be embarrassing to some and having to get played or being taken for granted eventually is dreadful to many.
Having To Deal With Him Being In A Relationship
Most girls feel displaced when the best friend boy eventually gets into a relationship with some other girl. A whole lot is at stake as the friendship is on shaking grounds. The new girlfriend could be tormenting with the moves and demands she makes of the boy and the best friend girl may have a difficult time adjusting to not being the only girl that matter in his life anymore.
The Stress of Convincing People You Aren’t Dating
There is this part of neighbors and friends suggesting they look like dating couples and they should give it a shot. They unconsciously increase their awareness of each other and things could be a bit weird from that point. The girls, being more emotional may feel hurt when the guy has to explain to people and lay emphasis of them not ever going to have the chance of dating because they are simply friends.
Trying To Be Fair To Your Respective Partners
Even with friendships handled with a high level of maturity and the parties knowing their places in each other’s lives, there are some complications. Placing your partner over your best friend could send the wrong signals to them and make them feel like they are not important. And placing your best friend over your partner may put one at a difficult corner where questions on infidelity are being asked.

Awkwardness Of Having To Explain Girly Things
While girls would make a wonderful audience and even share similar experiences and proffer solutions to issues that have to do with their bodies, a best friend boy may not be able to function well in that aspect. Moreover, it could be weird having to explain how taut your nipples could be some days to the arrival of your monthly period or how the vaginal throbs and aches during menstruation.
When You Incidentally Sleep Together
If you spend a lot of time with your best friend that is a boy, there could be a moment when you both fall into temptation. Although this could be a rare occurrence, the possibility of it happening cannot be ruled out. In the heat of the moment, the girls as well as the boys could let down their guards get down. Sanity creeps in most times when the deed has been done. This leaves the girls in a compromising situation; whether to proceed and become friends with benefits or to move on beyond the incident.

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