Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Usain Bolt gives up Manchester United dream under Van Gaal

Jamaican Sprint king Usain Bolt has always spoken of his dream to one day play for his favourite football club, Premier League giants Manchester United.
However, the world’s fastest man seems to have shelved his ambitions to put on the famous red jersey while current manager Louis Van Gaal remains in charge at Old Trafford.
Usain Bolt at Old Trafford (Telegraph)
Usain Bolt at Old Trafford (Telegraph)
drought: “I think I would be pretty good because I am fit, I am quick, I can control the ball and I understand all of the play.”
But with United still stuttering in the league and fans growing increasingly disillusioned with the turgid brand of football favoured by the Dutchman, the world 100m and 200m record holder has beat a retreat from his initial stand.
“Well, looking at how Van Gaal is, I don’t think I would ever want to be coached by him so I think I will put that on pause until we get a new coach,” a smiling Bolt told reporters at the Jamaican Sportsman of the Year awards.
Van Gaal, who claimed the Red Devils were back in the title race after weekend’s win at Liverpool, isn’t likely to be fazed by Bolt’s remarks.
Source: Goal