Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tiki’s diary: The 2016 solution rule book

It is a New Year…yaaayyy! Okay, do not mistake that for excitement because it isn’t.
Usually, I would have made my list on the 31st, hours before the New year, but not this time. In fact on the 31st of December 2015, I was more concerned about my laundry (I have never gotten over the myth that dirty clothes could jinx your New year…) So while every one sober-reflected, I was busy ironing my clothes and setting my wardrobe right. That’s right! I thought to take a different turn.
This time, I waited for the year to begin before I knew just how I would mould my year. 2015 had its perks and peeves and there were a lot of baggage I didn’t want with me in the New Year. So guess what? I broke down my life into compartments and in each compartment I took out the stuff I didn’t want to be there. And so, in the spirit of the New year, Tiki has decided to share with you her ‘Solution list’ because…’You wee nee…eed it’ (in Falz’s voice…lol).
This is not the most important piece of my life, but it is the first one I had to deal with. Like a house. Where you spend the most time isn’t necessarily the best part of the house right? You weren’t meant to dwell on that question, as much as you were meant to ponder on just how easily our careers seem to have owned us. The fact remains that I love my job, but this year it is going to be less love more results.
  •  I intend to work less but smarter.
  •  Life has taught me the importance of fake humility which overrides any form of sincere arrogance and so more diplomacy is what I intend to apply ( kiss ass, suck up…anything to just make me breathe.)
  •  My motto used to be ‘I couldn’t care less’ but that was years before I cared too much and so 2016, is Tiki resurrecting her motto and living by it…#sometimes it’s okay not to care.
  •  Minding my business seems like a promising path for me because I need more time, and space so I am hoping to explore this path to yield desired results.
Minding my own business at work.
Minding my own business at work.
As regards the above, I have gotten my hands burnt too many times and so in lieu of having hurts from the past ruin my present, I have decided to:
– Make none. (You have to bring a lot to the table as an individual before I go back on that.)
-Manage existing ones by automatically deleting the ones who have become irrelevant over time clearing up space for the real ones.
For this I have just one word…’Adventure’ ; oh yes you read right…lol (And please don’t ask what I mean…you don’t wanna know.)
In the past, this would have been an incredulous list of ‘will dos’ but like I said, 2016 is different and it has got nothing to do with it being a leap year. It just felt so wrong having to take the same approach of trying to take over the world and aiming to do the impossible. So this is me saving me from the endless rigmarole of always having a spill over.
Before you rule this off as a rule book oozing of narcissism and selfishness, why don’t you take one last look at your list of resolutions, locate which would actually show you the way forward and make your list about that.
This year 2016, I refuse to be a benchwarming bandwagon Christian. I have decided to get my own understanding, build my relationship with God and most importantly get his direct line because this year…I want to call him personally (yep).
Getting to God personally
Getting to God personally
So yes! about that word for the year…’THRASH’…yep…whatever it is that made your 2015 not so great just thrash it and move on without it and you would have a great 2016.
Just Trash It
Just Trash It
Tiki wishes you a Happy New Year..XoXo