Tuesday, January 19, 2016

THIS IS STRANGE: Twelve Ordinary People Pose Naked To Promote Self-Love

Twelve brave men and women strip down to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
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In a bid to destroy all kind of stereotypes and promote body positivity Canadian magazine NOW Toronto has created the special Love Your Body Issue, featuring ordinary people in all their naked glory. These daredevils are ready to bare not only their bodies but their souls as well.

And the magazine helps them to tell their “stories of tragedy, growth, transformation and acceptance alongside compelling photos of brave subjects representing an array of shapes, sizes, abilities, orientations, genders and colours.”
The diverse mix of models includes black, white, and Latino men and women – some transgender, some thin, some wide, and one who uses a wheelchair.
Biko, Kenyan  refugee and trans rights activist
Biko suffered from being smaller than the other boys and hated her body
“Finally one day I looked in the mirror and saw myself as myself: a woman. To my surprise, the body I hated met the
idealized standards of Western feminine beauty. I love my body; it’s my temple. It’s amazing the positive impact that going through life as your authentic self can have – not only on yourself, but on others around you.”
Akio Maroon, a human rights activist and a mother-to-be
Aiko Maroon, who is pregnant, proudly showed off her baby bump – and everything else
“We’re taught to hide our vulnerabilities. But doing a nude shoot, there’s nothing to hide behind. All your vulnerabilities, all your insecurities – everything is laid bare. Being pregnant helped. It felt like this mothering experience: here I am, and my body’s taking care of a life. And it’s presenting that to a world where black women are normally seen as hyper-sexualized.”
Bo Hedges, co-captain of Canada’s wheelchair basketball team
Bo Hedges (pictured) was paralyzed when he fell out of a tree at age 13, but he is now a co-captain of Canada’s wheelchair basketball team
“After my accident, my perception of how I use my body changed, but eventually I realized I could do all those same things, especially when it came to sports. I just had to adapt,” said Bo, who went on to become a Paralympic athlete.
Adam Benn, a personal trainer
Adam Benn (pictured) said he grew up overweight; he now works as a personal trainer
“I was one of those overweight children, so a lot of my early experiences were defined by being fat, feeling unattractive and not feeling good about myself. Even doing this photo shoot was highly traumatic. Taking off all my clothes and being in front of people is hard because of that instinct to second-guess myself.”

Body confidence: a couple, a trio of female actresses and a heavily-tattooed musician
Seven other men and women – including a couple, a heavily-tattooed musician, and a trio of female actresses – also appear in the nude feature, proudly baring their bodies.