Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Solidstar threatens male fan who sent him ‘romantic’ messages: ”I will beat that demon out of you!”

Dancehall singer, Solidstar has got a fan with a huge crush on him — a male fan. Yesterday, the Achievas entertainment singer posted a screenshot of what appeared to be flirty messages sent by a fan whose username on Instagram is AustineOleks.
The Onome singer didn’t hesitate to expose the young man while also threatening him with physical violence for sending those messages.
Solidstar Photo: Encomium
The fan has since made his Instagram account private. Check out Solidstar’s screenshots below

Ironically, the singer himself was called out by fans for ‘looking gay’ in a photo he shared on Instagram.12530705_454719248047321_779234584_naWhat do you think?
Source: Instagram/Instablog