Monday, January 18, 2016

SO SAD: Islamic State Executes Gay By Throwing Him Off Building (MUST SEE)

ISIS has committed another evil atrocity by throwing a man of the top of a building after he was accused of being gay.
Photographs have emerged from the scene of the horrific act which the jihadi group claim took place in al-Furat province in northern Iraq.
The victim, who has not been identified, is shown being led up a set of stairs towards the roof of a tall building.
Blindfolded and hands bound, the prisoner is made to stand on the edge of the roof while several guards watch on.
islamic state
On the ground, a large crowd of civilians and fighters can be seen waiting for the horrific punishment to be carried out. The
victims is shown being pushed off the building to his death.
Homosexuality is consider un-Islamic and unacceptable in ISIS’s eyes, who claim they are implementing the true meaning of Shariah law.
The group have become well known for their appalling human rights, frequently carrying out public executions for apostasy and floggings for drinking alcohol.
Islamic State’s latest act of public barbarity in Iraq comes just after disturbing reports about the group’s behaviour in Libya, where it controls the fourth largest city Ben Jawad.
According to local residents, Islamic State militants paraded throughout the town with the severed heads of defeated enemies attacked to pick-up trucks.