Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SEE Nigerien Presidential Aspirant In Jail

A Nigerien presidential aspirant, Hama Amadou, has been jailed and denied bailed for allegedly trafficking babies from Nigeria.
AFP reports that Amadou was linked with some other people who took illegal custody of around 30 babies, including twins, born to women in private Nigerian clinics that offer infants for
sale. Following this, a Niger court on Monday, January 11 denied bail to Amadou, a leading opposition figure and contender in the country’s next month’s presidential election.

Amadou however denied the allegations and also denounced the legal process against him as a ploy keep him sidelined from the elections. He left Niger in August 2014 to escape the charges but returned last November, when he was immediately arrested and sent to prison in Filingue, northeast of the capital.