Tuesday, January 5, 2016

See The Latest WWE Raw Results (Video)

Here are the most important highlights of WWE Raw from January 4.
1. Roman Reigns interrupted Stephanie McMahon’s entrance.
Reigns said: “I don’t think we need you out here tonight, Steph.”
McMahon answered: “Hope is not a strategy, Roman.”
Reigns added: “If anybody screws me tonight, you won’t be picking up your father from jail; you’ll be picking him up from the hospital.”

2. Kevin Owens wins Neville.

3.  Titus O’Neil wins Stardust
4. Charlotte loses to Becky Lynch
5.  Ryback vs. Big Show
Match ends in a no-contest.
John “Bradshaw” Layfield said: “Get your pitchforks and lanterns. They’re about to storm the giant.”
Wyatt said: “We are war. We are famine. We are pestilence.”
6. Rusev and Del Rio win via pinfall  The Usos

7. Heath Slater wins Dolph Ziggler
Slater said to the fans: “You shut your mouth!It looks like I found some friends”
8. Chris Jericho Returns
“2016 will be the most magical years of our lives.”
9. Roman Reigns wins Sheamus