Friday, January 22, 2016

SEE CRAZY 6 Things Some Nigerian Parents Tell Their Children About Sex

Many parents dread talking about sex with their children, majorly because they believe it’s absurd. For some others, talking about sex with their children is embarrassing. Some don’t even know what to say while some others lack of confidence and communication skills.

Even in this modern day and age, some parents still shy away from talking to children about sex and pregnancy when they reach the age of puberty.
Children are naturally curious and that is why they ask a lot of questions, so it is your responsibility as a parent to give them the right answer, else they might get the wrong answer somewhere else.
You should be the first person your children want to ask questions about sex and if you don’t create the platform they might never talk to you about it.
In this part of the world, we lack the tradition whereby parents talk to children on such issues.
Growing up, most parents did not give their children any useful information about sex. Everything they know, they learnt on their own.

Some Nigerian parents a funny way of talking to their children about sex. Below are some outrageously ridiculous things parents have told their children about sex.
1. If you go close to boys or you will get pregnant: Many children grew up with that notion and so avoided boys until they came of age and realized their parents were not truthful.
2. You’re now a woman, don’t do anything stupid: Without even explaining, how is a child supposed to understand what you mean by ‘anything stupid’.
3. If you miss your period you are pregnant and I will kill you: The thought of your parents killing you will put the ‘fear of God’ in you. But sometimes, missing your period doesn’t mean you are pregnant. It could have been caused by other factors such as stress.
4. Don’t listen to boys, they just want what’s between your legs: You have only succeeded in confusing the child because he or she might have no idea what you are talking about.

5. Boys are going to touch you and it’s going to feel good, but don’t do it: This is all the explanation you get about sex, leaving you more confused than you were.
6. If you sit with boys, you will get pregnant: Some parents, in a bid to keep their daughters away from boys give them this line. Sure a lot of people can relate with this.
Giving your children an early education about sex can be beneficial. It means teaching your children about the parts of their body. Adopt age appropriate sex education which implies impacting the knowledge gradually in line with their age grade and level of understanding.
Don’t just assume they will know whether you teach them or not. Let them know early before one uncle or stranger helps you to give them practical lessons.
Make your children feel comfortable around you so they will be able to bring to you questions or challenges they are facing about sex issues.

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