Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NOT AGAIN!!! Two-Headed Boy Dies 30 Hours After Being Born

When Anita Tiwari first saw her baby boy she started crying but unfortunately it was not tears of joy…
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The boy, dubbed a “miracle baby” by locals, was born with one body and two heads in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh state, northern India.
Locals gathered outside the hospital to pass on their good wishes to the family
News about his birth quickly spread around the town and astonished citizens started gathering outside hospital to celebrate.

Meanwhile, the boy’s parents Anita and Satish were trying to understand how it happened that their son got two heads instead of one.
Soon after the difficult delivery, the new mom said: “I thought my baby boy would be like others but he is not fine. I would have been very happy if he was a normal baby but this is tragic. I’m finding this very difficult.”
The baby boy was born with two heads in a hospital in India

Despite doctors’ desparate efforts to save the boy’s life he died 30 hours after being delivered by cesarean section at Star Hospital.
Rajeev Tiwari, the manager of New Maa Saroj Nursing Home, said: “A baby boy with two heads was born on Saturday and was initially in a healthy state. But as hours passed his condition worsened as he could not feed and suffered breathing issues.”
Sadly the baby boy passed away just 30 hours after he was born
Grieving Anita and her husband Satish, who already have two daughters, are now coming to terms with their loss and hope that one day they will have a son.

Polycephaly is the condition of having more than one head, and so is an example of a supernumerary body part. Survival to adulthood is rare, but does occur in some forms of twinning.
In humans, there are two different forms of twinning that can lead to two heads being supported by a single torso — two heads are side by side or  two heads joined directly to each other.