Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nigerians Vs Kenyans: Who Owns The Stage? (PHOTO AND TWEETS)

The seemingly endless rivalry between Nigeria and Kenya was on Sunday night taken to a whole new level all thanks to Africa’s first televised karaoke competition, TECNO Own The Stage.

For those who don’t know, TECNO Own The Stage is a Karaoke show currently taking place in Nigeria where the winner of the contest will head home with $25,000.
It is the reason why the hash tag #TECNOOwnTheStage has been trending for some weeks now. And it went up a notch on Sunday night across Twitter as Nigerians and Kenyans faced off over who owned the stage with the hash tags #NigeriansOwnTheStage and #KenyansOwnTheStage.
Fifteen contestants – five each from Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania – began the quest for the star prize a few weeks ago. But after Sunday’s episode, only five are left in the hunt – three Kenyans, a Nigerian and a Tanzanian.
Two contestants – the Kenyan Pascal, and Shaapera, from Nigeria – have been heads and shoulders above the rest of the pack since the commencement of the show. And when they both faced off in Sunday night’s episode, Twitter was awash with comments and images from Nigerians and Kenyans as both camps set out to affirm their country’s superiority over the other in not only the world of music and entertainment, but in politics and everyday life in general.
And it wasn’t limited to the average Joes on the street as superstars from both countries took up arms in support of their compatriots.
One of such superstars on the Nigerian side was Yemi Alade, who briefly forgot her role as a judge on the show to display her support for the only Nigerian left in it after her fellow judge, Bie-Aime Baraza, openly displayed his support for Team Kenya.
Burna Boy and Femi Kuti also joined in the fray, while the Kenyans also came fully loaded with their army of celebrities led by internationally acclaimed artiste, Anto Neo Soul, who is one of the contestants’ mentors on TECNO Own The Stage.
Some of the tweets were pretty hilarious while others were out of this world outrageous.
And with Shaapera and Pascal set to continue their rivalry in the coming weeks, expect the battle on Twitter to intensify and for the hash tags #TECNOOwnTheStage, #NigeriansOwnThestage and #KenyansOwnThestage to continue to trend for several more weeks.
In case you missed the battle of the fans, here’s the episode that got the fans talking: 
Below are some of the posts on Twitter: