Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nigerian nurse who treated late Bobbi Kristina using a fake identity and license has been jailed again

Taiwo Sobamowo, the Nigerian woman who was arrested for impersonating a nursewhile taking care of the late Bobbi Kristina before her death , has been arrested and jailed again.
According to Daily Mail, the 32-year-old woman is currently behind bars at the Gwinnett County jail in Georgia. She was reportedly charged with financial identity fraud, false identification documents and four counts of practising registered nursing without a license on Sunday.
Taiwo Sobamowo Photo: Buzz
The charges are alleged to be linked to some incidents that took place between
September 2014 and last August which happened to be the period Taiwo worked at Peachtree Christian Hospice where Bobbi Kristina was being treated.  Taiwo was initially arrested in October last year after a warrant was issued by Forsyth County in Georgia accusing her of practising as a registered professional nurse without a license. She was charged with felony Financial Identity Fraud and felony Forgery.
The imposter warning Photo: daily Mail
She had previously worked in a different health facility using fraudulent credentials and a fake name and even though an imposter alert was sent out with her name and picture, she was still able to get a job at Peachtree. Although a police report eventually showed no indication that Bobbi’s care was affected by Sobamowo, she still remained wanted by the police for impersonation.
Taiwo Sobamowo is currently in jail without bail after appearing in court on yesterday. She is till under investigation in other counties for practising with a license.
Source: Daily Mail