Saturday, January 16, 2016

MUST SEE: Fury After English Church Is Used For Pornographic Video

The vicar of a 137-year-old church has described the decision by an adult film company to shoot an EXPLICIT FETISH PORN VIDEO on their grounds as upsetting.
Paul Tullet, vicar at Water Orton Parish Church in England, said no permission had been sought by website PornXN to record on its premises after a hardcore video shot at the front door was uploaded online.
The film, featuring Hungarian pornstar Lyen Parker, shows the actress exposing her naked body and urinating in public.
An unidentified woman narrating from behind the camera can be heard giving instructions before the sordid act begins.
Local residents are said to be outraged after their church was used for a porno
While being asked to take off her trousers, the actress dances around in front of the sign, giggling at the prospect of what she is about to do.
She then poses for photographs, while the camerawoman tells her she is ‘just as naughty as everyone’.
She says: “At the moment we are in this churchyard, which is pretty naughty. There’s people going past.”
She is then dared to stand in front of the church’s main sign and perform degrading acts.
The woman filming tells her ‘that’s so bad’, before zooming in on her and describing the sordid scene for viewers.
Vicar Paul Tullet is furious that his church was used without his permission
“We’ll quickly run away before we get any vicars running after us, trying to shout at us,” the narrator adds.
The shoot then continues on a local high street and bus, where the actress is seen exposing her nude body.
The video has since been shared widely online, racking up hundreds of thousands of views.
It has, however, been condemned vicar Paul Tullet.
Porn star Parker proceeded to get naked on this bus
He said: “As I am sure you will be aware, churchyards are important public spaces and so valuable for grieving families looking for space to think, remember and pray.
 “Churchyards cannot be monitored 24 hours a day and to hear that someone has abused this resource is upsetting.
 “Permission was not sought for the filming and obviously, had it been, it would never have been granted.”