Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meet ConSol, the contact solutions management company with a decade of excellence


Contact Solutions Ltd, a Nigeria-based management solutions company trading as ConSol, is celebrating its 10 years of ConSol Logooperations as the company renews its commitment to deliver more value-added services to its existing and potential clients across industry, commerce and service sectors.
Renowned as top of the class for bridging the gap between Nigerian companies of all shapes, sizes, active in various industry sectors and their quest for quality customer service delivery, ConSol combines its strong ICT and customer management capabilities to deliver contact centre and customer management solutions.
According to Ademola ‘DEm’ Eleso, Chairman of ConSol Ltd, the company has one of the largest deployments of outsourced call centre agents in Nigeria and a supremely efficient single-site contact centre complex employing hundreds of Contact Centre agents, serving multiple clients in West Africa.
This means that ConSol is one of the most sophisticated environments in the country where you can feel the productivity of people, processes and technology in harmony, at its facility.

Ademola DEm Elesho - Chairman, ConSol Ltd“We continue to create more value for our customers by providing first class contact centre/call centre services that deliver on customer satisfaction whilst reducing costs. Consequently we help organisations increase profitability, by executing world-class inbound and outbound contact centre business processes and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), of this core customer service function. — Ademola Eleso, Chairman of ConSol Ltd.

During a recent press conference in Lagos, Eleso explained that ConSol has combined strong ICT and customer management solutions in the last 10 years. According to him, their solutions enhance the client’s ability to deliver better service and value to their customers.
“As the premier in the provision of customer interactions management solutions in Nigeria, ConSol also delivers a range of value-added services to clients within and outside the shores of Nigeria,” Eleso said.
“With our experience in mobile telecommunications and ICT sector in Europe, USA and Africa, ConSol has connected several Nigerian companies and Multi-National corporations to their customers in order to get feedback from them to verify their quality of service delivery and level of customer satisfaction. Most importantly we share the specific action areas companies can take, to achieve desired improvements,” he added.
ConSol’s clients are wide ranging and rising in number including public sector organisations such as Lagos State Government (LASG), National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), and so on.
Others are in the financial services such as Skye Bank, Ecobank plc, UBA plc, Leadway Assurance, etc. Some of its telecommunications clients have been providers such as MTN, Etisalat Multi-Links etc. Utilities such as Multi-choice, Eko EDC, Benin EDC.
Also, offshoring outsource client projects have been handled for clients such as Wells Fargo Bank of United States of America, Eagle Insurance and Three of the UK to mention just a few.
Contact Solutions Limited commenced operations on the 1st of January 2006 and has since then become the leading independent provider of contact centre services in Nigeria.