Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Man Attempts To Kill Pastor During Service (VIDEO)

A video has been trending online for a while. The video shows moments a knife-carrying man decided to attack a preacher during a church service in a Colombian church.

The knifeman who was dressed in a hoodie was shown as he was directed to a seat in the front row by a user. Not long after he sat, he suddenly got up from his seat, pulling out a large knife as he runs up to the priest, Pedro Pablo Martin.
A screenshot from the video
The priest bravely said: ‘There is power in the name of Jesus’ when he saw the knife-man coming towards him, with his knife.
The preacher repeats the same phrase over and over in the same calm voice and the mystery assailant takes his hood down but appears to lose his bearings and falls to the floor as if in the grip of a ‘greater unseen force’.

By the time the congregation will come towards the knifeman, the attacker appears to be convulsing on the floor.
The church where the incident happened – the Pentecostal IPUC Bosa in the Colombian capital Bogota – have wasted no time posting the video of the drama online and claiming it proves the power of ‘The Almighty’.
See the video below:
Could this be real?