Thursday, January 7, 2016

imitation or Inspiration: Between Christopher Kane Fall 2015 and MXVV Cruise 2015 by Maxivive

How original is original? This is the question that comes to mind every time I capture moments like this, moments when I zoom in on designers unknowingly or deliberately cope or draw inspiration from each other’s design elements.
Today we have Scottish fashion’s eponymous label Christopher Kane and Nigerian menswear label MXVV by MAXIVIVE sharing two different designs that represent the same sporty trend and have very similar element of shapes with a slight tweak. While the elements shared in common made its debut appearance as a part of Christopher Kane’s Fall 2015 offering, it took center stage on MAXIVIVE’s MXVV Cruise 2015 collection.
While designers find it flattering when other creatives draw inspiration from their craft, it is okay not to reference obvious details that will instantly question your creative ability as a designer. Regardless, which will you rock? Christopher Kane Fall 2015 or MXVV Cruise 2015 by Maxivive
Christoher Kane Fall 2015
MXVV Cruise 2015 by Maxivive
Image Credit: Instagram, Vogue Runway