Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How I Use My Hips To Communicate On Stage - Ayanbinrin

Tosin Olakanye popularly known as Ayanbinrin is a female talking drummer, who successfully combined traditional music with hip hop. Her style of music is known as tradhiptional gbedu.
The beautiful artist has revealed that her hips communicate with her music. She said in an encounter that: “Just like the American hip hop star, Shakira, sang ‘’Hips don’t lie”, Ayanbinrin believes
that hips can serve as a means of communication. Some may think that shaking one’s hips is a way of enticing men, but I am only doing my job. I love dancing to anything traditional. I love indigenous things. That was what led me to it. The percussion is traditional. If you hear any music from me, you would know it is Ayanbinrin’s music. Though it may be funky and hippie, the percussion and my dance steps help me to stand out.”
Ayanbinrin who is not a fashion freak when it comes to style looks good, elegant yet simple in anything she wears. She goes for anything African. Her hairstyle is part of her trade mark. “I am Ayanbinrin on stage, but Tosin at home. I am a simple and humble person because I am not better than people on the street. I dress according to my mood. I combine formal and traditional wear”
Her costume conveys a message: “It is pure African. I love to wear trouser because I dance with ease in it. As a drummer, I have to be flexible, dynamic and free. I also wear jean and top. But whenever you see me, you must see a touch of African, that is, cowries fitted in my hair, bangles, ear-rings and cloth”
She frowned at the rate ladies are almost going nude in our society in the name of fashion and urged ladies to emulate their mothers who did not go naked before marriage. She said:“You have cheapened yourself and exposed all you have when a man sees everything you are supposed to cover. It is what you keep that has value”