Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Governor Dickson Says He Did Buhari A Favour

Seriake Dickson, the governor of Bayelsa state, on January 4, Monday, revealed how he helped Muhammadu Buhari before he became the President in 2015.
President Buhari during the presidential campaign in Bayelsa state.
Dickson was speaking tat the conference in Yenagoa, capital of the state.
He stated that he guaranteed that Buhari was secure during his visit to Bayelsa as the presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
The governor said: “President Buhari, when he came to campaign as CPC candidate, was stoned.
“But I granted state stadium to president Buhari, and made adequate security for his safety when he came to campaign again, because I knew that these people could harm him or people in his entourage and I didn’t want that to happen.”
However, he supposed that there were plots to rig coming election in favour of Timpire Sylva, his rival in guber poll, and asked the people to defend their votes.
The incumbent Bayelsa governor blamed Sylva for using his influence to change the head of security agencies in the state in order to perfect his plan.
Dickson added: “I’m the proponent of political tolerance in this state.
“I don’t need anybody to kill and maim for me, I’m a man of peace and everybody knows. What we have seen is a subversion of our national security agencies.
“The minister sent thugs to attack the collation centre, put off the community generator, storm the collation centre, took away the original ward result sheets, and also prevented the collation officers from completing their collations.
“In my own community, we had APC people who wanted to open an office, I told the commissioner of police to protect them, they must hang that flag – it’s their right. Nobody was assaulted.
“Unlike Ekeremor, where a man who is not even candidate looks down on his community so much, thinks they’re his slaves and says ‘you will not vote’. Not even for his party, ‘you will not vote at all.
“This election has been won, they are only desperate and day dreaming, they are trying to get from the backdoor, what they couldn’t get from the front door. All the votes from Southern Ijaw are for me.”
Following the violence, ballot snatching and intimidation of staff of the electoral commission, INEC announced the cancellation of the governorship election in Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa state effectively rendering the governorship poll inconclusive.
Supplementary governorship poll to be held on January 9, 2016.