Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Busted! Fans attack Kcee for giving away already used recharge cards

Five Star Music’s finest Kcee is currently on the receiving end of a barrage of insults from his fans. Yesterday, the Limpopo singer started a giveaway of MTN recharge cards to celebrate the New Year, keeping fans glued to his page as each hoped to be the lucky winner of the airtime.
When Kcee continued with the giveaways today, a few of his fans began to complain about how quickly the cards were already loaded after only seconds of being posted. It was then they realized the singer had posted the same recharge cards he shared the day before!
His fans who had been waiting patiently for the freebie immediately called him out, calling him wicked and denouncing the whole giveaway as a scam.
Check out the cards that were posted again today:
It turned out the supposed scam was just a mistake on the part of Kcee, who later apologized to his fans by posting the correct digits. He also thanked the few who drew his attention to the error.
Hi instafam so sorry for the mix up, I didn’t realise I was resending the same cards I sent out yesterday. Thank you to everyone who drew my attention to it. These are the last cards for today,I need to sort out the remaining cards… we would continue tomorrow. Thank you @mtnng#sharingisgood#thankyoufor2015withmtn MTN
Kcee plans to continue the giveaway tomorrow and we hope he won’t make another mistake like this. We all know when it comes to freebies, people can get slightly emotional. Lol

Source : Instagram