Friday, January 8, 2016

Bus Conductor Plucks Passenger's Tooth Over N50 Change

There was pandemonium in the early hours of this morning, January 8, at Ajayi farm bus stop before Ikeja Along, Lagos state, when a bus conductor plucked a passenger’s tooth over N50 change.
A bus conductor fighting with passenger in Lagos

The trouble started after the passenger identified as Kunle paid his transport fare but the bus conductor deliberately hoarded his change for several minutes.
The passenger who boarded the bus from under bridge at Iyana-Dopemu bus stop to the aforementioned bus stop was supposed to pay N50, he gave the bus conductor N100 and requested for his change but the conductor told him he has no change that his fare is N100.
After few minutes to his bus stop, the passenger stared pressing harder for his change but the conductor kept telling he has no change to give to him and completely ignored the young man. When the young man got to his bus stop, he alighted and asked for his change again, but the conductor jumped into the bus as the driver attempted to move, the young man quickly grabbed him and pulled him out of the bus.
The bus conductor in retaliation held his shirt and they started calling each other names and dragging themselves around. The dragging later got intense and the bus conductor while trying to escape the grip of the passenger, he hit the young man on his chest. They started fighting, and some of the passengers came down from the bus to intervene, they held the young man and told him to be clam while the conductor was still yelling and insulting him.
Unfortunately for Kunle who had already listened to fellow passenger and calmed down, decided to turned back to pick his wristwatch that snapped during the brawl, the bus conductor came from behind and blew him on his mouth, and one of his teeth fell off, and they stared fighting again.
The other passengers started yelling on the driver to give them part of their money since they have not gotten to their destination while those that were close already, started walking to the next bus stop to board another bus and continue their journey.

As at press time, the young man and the middle aged conductor were still digging it out with their clothes turned into threads. The police patrol team that usually chase commercial motorcyclists were not around during the brawl.
In a related development, last year one Samson Eletu, a bus conductor, was arrested for allegedly killing Babatunde Omoyeni, a