Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ali Baba: “I wept the first time I got a N1.6m cheque. They had to beg me to stop crying.”

On January 1, Ali Baba held his annual comedy show in Lagos. One of the top events of the night was announcing the winner of his Spontaneity competition, which comes with a gift of a brand new car.
Ali Baba. (Instagram)
Today, he shared a photo of the winner, an aspiring comedian called ‘Dee One’, and it was quite touching as the winner was captured crying.
I know this feeling,” Ali Baba said of the photo. “The day I picked up my cheque of 1.6m in 1995 from Mr ID of Satzenbrau, at the GUINNESS headquarters, they had to beg me to stop crying too. Even then, nobody thought comedy was a career path talk less of being paid a million plus. So I understand this mood of the#january1stconcert#Spontaneity2015 winner.”
Ali Baba, real name Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, has come a long way. Before dabbling into stand-up comedy, the university undergraduate fancied himself the Nigerian Axel Foley after Eddie Murphy’s character in the 80’s hit, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’.
Ali Baba in 1987. (Instagram)
Many times, he’s told of how desperately wretched he was as a beginner, but today he is called the King of Nigerian Comedy for the milestones he achieved, especially for grooming acts like Basketmouth, AY and Bovi.
We guess Dee One is on his way too!
Source: Instagram